Ethereal Gin Tasting Notes:
  • Batch 5 (purple) is an amalgamation of flowers and spice: A silky floral entry of violet, honeysuckle, citrus and vanilla lingers long over an underlying brown spice base of cinnamon, clove and grains of paradise.
  • Batch 6 (turquoise) has a botanical focus on rose hips, elderberry, blueberry and lime peel; it’s citrus-forward with a finish of a bouquet of berries.
  • Batch 7 (neon yellow) is a silken entry to a wonderfully floral body with notes of lemon peel, elderberry and rose hips . There is a pleasant peppery finish on the mid palate. Proud enough to stand alone, accompany tonic or to be mixed in a classic cocktail.
  • Batch 8 (crimson) is a¬†warm and inviting gin brimming with brown spice. It hits the palate with a hint of sweetness mixed with some mild juniper and finishes with a long trail of pepper, clove , cinnamon and allspice.
  • Barrel-Aged Ethereal: We used our popular Ethereal¬† gin to create our very first Barrel-Aged Ethereal expression. Aged for 18 months in used bourbon barrels. A beautifully aged gin, both bold and demure, with strong notes of mellowed brown spice and dried fruit. It is rounded out by vanilla, caramelized wood sugars and a soft palate.