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Raise a Glass to the Arts Community with BMD!

Cultural Cocktails had a successful second summer season in 2023! A celebration of our community and an entertaining way to spread the word about our world-class cultural scene, exceptional hospitality businesses and award-winning spirits, BMD’s Cultural Cocktails program featured a collection of 19 handcrafted recipes with a spin on classic cocktails.

Inspired by the Berkshire arts scene, these delicious cocktails were served at bars, restaurants and cultural institutions, and as the signature drink at summer events. In addition, BMD served Cultural Cocktails from the distillery’s outdoor cocktail bar in Sheffield.

Pioneering a craft cocktail movement as another way to experience the Berkshires, the Cultural Cocktails program has been engineered to unite and honor local partners and raise awareness of the Berkshires as an exceptional region for art, culture and handcrafted cocktails.

The Cultural Cocktails program was a true success because of our terrific hospitality community. Thank YOU for giving a sip about the arts in the Berkshires!

Click here for Cultural Cocktails recipes

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